Second Nature

I'm a freelance web untangler.

Hi, my name is Nicci (it rhymes with peachy) Iaizzo!
I was born in 1984, surrounded by my father's video equipment
& my mother's exquisite taste. 

Photos of Mom, Beverly Malcolm, in front of the Wychwood triplex she owned
& in her garden (probably for a high school assignment of mine), circa 2000.
Soon I was the one switching the RCA connector behind our TV, so my sister and I could play Donkey Kong Country or watch a movie. It seemed I had a knack for figuring out technology. Family, friends and teachers also nourished my interest in graphic design, writing, photography, video and visual arts.

I consider myself fortunate to have had amazing experiences like creating murals with youth, and cycling panniers full of freshly picked carrots across the city with City Seed Farms.

Another great opportunity presented itself in early 2013, when I was suddenly promoted at Grassroots Environmental Products. When the e-commerce manager left, I was asked to fill in. Excited to add another feather to my cap, I started navigating my way through HTML to create newsletters and update the store's website...

Fast Forward to late 2014

Are you looking for simple, affordable ways you can promote yourself online? Do you need help maintaining or setting up a website/store? Do you wonder what hashtags are for? No question is too silly! Please, ask away, and thanks for reading :-)

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